Our LED lights not only make your celebration shine, it helps set the tone for a fun filled event. LED’s may be used indoors or outdoors in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Work one on one with our designers to coordinate the lighting set up and change the entire atmosphere of your party with the push of a button.
Intelligent lighting adds a stylish touch to any venue using a simple spray of color light in the corners or on the walls. Intelligent lighting refers to fixtures that offer multiple lighting effects. Depending on where you’re planning your event, intelligent lights can be versatile and an economical addition to traditional lights. We make sure lighting is arranged to complement your theme or color palette.
Choose a Gobo light to accentuate walls with your name or shine a dazzling pattern on the dance floor. We can even highlight your centerpieces or food displays with pin spotting to turn the space into something really unique. Visit our Gallery Page for more lighting options